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scruBEE Bubble Bar, Carolina Peach

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scruBEE Bubble Bar, Carolina Peach



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Meet scruBEE! scruBEE is a BUBBLE BAR!

❤️ bubbles? ❤️ softer smoother skin? ❤️ bath bombs but no time for baths?

This is not soap! It’s an in-shower buffing bar that exfoliates and nourishes your skin. After you wash, gently use scruBEE on the areas you want to exfoliate and enjoy the bubbly, foaming spa-like sensory experience of a bath bomb.....but ON your skin! You will immediately feel the skin-conditioning loveliness of scruBEE!
Available in 5 amazing scents: Strawberry 🍓 Crush, Carolina Peach 🍑, Isle of Capri 🏝, Sweet Cream and Black Raspberry Vanilla.

You control how long it lasts. One, two or even three shower uses, depending on how long you scrub and how much water it comes into contact with. Keep it in a dry place in your shower.