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Crocheted Cat Toy

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Catnip Mouse with crinkle paper and jingle bell



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Handmade, hand crocheted toy mouse for your spoiled kitty cat. Each toy mouse is handcrafted with 100% cotton from the USA. Each mouse contains a jingle bell, crinkle paper and essential oil of catnip. Cats really love these mice. They are the perfect size for your kitty to swat at, pick up and carry around and toss up in the air. These cute little mice are washable and will last a long time. I use essential oil of catnip so there is no dried catnip to be spilling on your floor. The catnip scent will wash off but you can easily refresh it with more catnip oil. The jingle bell and crinkle paper are washable. Approximately 3 inches long, not including the tail. Each toy is packaged in a plastic bag with paper label. These make great Christmas stocking stuffers.