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Ocean Breeze | 12 oz Tin Matte Black Candle | Botanical Candle

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This Candle Is So Much Like Walking On The Beach! This Fragrance Is Long Lasting.



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Botanical Candles | Ocean Breeze| Candles with Dried Flowers | 12 oz Black Matte Candle | Ocean Breeze Candle |

This Botanical Candle is One out of 5 But it Seems to Have Been A Lot of Favorites! It's A Clean Scent Much Like Linen or on The Beach or a Cotton Soft.

The Fragrance is Ocean Breeze I Have Beautifully Placed Cornflower Flowers throughout one Side of this 12 oz Black Matte Candle.

Each Candle is Handcrafted in Small Batches using All Natural Soy Wax, Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oils & Wooden Wicks.


Your 12 oz Candle Tin is Reusable and Refills are accepted.


Candle Safety:

* Trim Wick to 1/4 inch Before Every Burn
* Keep your lit Candle on a Heat Resistant Surface and Away from Drafts, Curtains, and Flammable Items
* Do Not Burn your Candle for Longer than 4 hours at a Time
- Distinguish your Candle Flame once Only 1/2 inch of Wax Remains

The Container Contains:

* 4 Wooden Wicks

* Soy Wax

* Tin Vessel

* 14 oz. Vessel

* Net wt 12 oz.

* Large

* Gold Interior

* Black Matte

Each Candle Maybe Different Slightly in Weight Although as Close as Possible, Not under 12 oz. They All Were Carefully Hand Poured with Love In Small Batches in the State of SC. Expect to Experience a Strong Scent & A Long Lasting Burn from Start to Finish.

All Candles are All Natural Organic Soy Wax and Scented with a Premium Fragrance with 4 Wooden Wick. These Eco-Friendly Candles are also Non-Toxic with Phthalate Free Fragrances.

All Candles Can Be Given As A Special Gift To Someone Dear At Heart. Sent With A Card Or Handwritten Note.
If You Desire To Send As A Gift Please Use The Drop Down Menu To Express Your Message.


12 oz. candles: 60 hours

Thank You So Much For Visiting My Listing...
& Thank You In Advance For Your Purchase!


* Every Item In My Shop Was Hand Crafted By Me With Some Imperfections Such as Bumps, Lumps, Dye Spots Etc.

Botanical Candle Co.